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Monday, February 8, 2016

The Cross Comes Against Any Changed State

There is one thing against which the Cross always stands: namely, a state that is other than that which GOD intended

The Cross stands over the nature of things when that nature has become different.

Whenever the nature of things has changed from what GOD either made it at the beginning, or intended it to be, GOD has brought in the Cross in some way or another; at once He has introduced the Cross.

The nature of man was changed at the beginning; he became something different in nature from what GOD intended. We all know that by our inheritance.

And immediately the LORD introduced the Cross in the law of travail, of passion, of diversity; He wrote immediately over that state, Despair and Death.

The Cross stood over against that changed state.

The only hope for recovering the divinely intended state, condition, nature of things, lay in the Cross.

The Cross is the great purifying agent; and purifying simply means getting rid of mixture.

When there are things which do not correspond or tally, they are of two natures, two realms, two opposing elements; when there is impurity, adulteration, the Cross stands four-square against it in order to purify.

The very first thing with GOD whether in the individual, or in any company of His people locally, or in the Church universal is its purity, its cleanness, its separation from all iniquity and all mixture.

Our Christian life is based upon the Cross, individually, locally, and universally.

The Cross sees GOD'S mighty, terrible, eternal declaration against impurity, the contamination and corruption that has come in to make a state, in man and in the world, which He never intended to be.

If, therefore, the LORD sees any state that He never intended to be, that contradicts His mind in this matter.

He will bring in the Cross as a working power; and, where that is found, there will begin to arise a situation.

~T. Austin Sparks~

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