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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Patient Endurance In Trial

And it is well for us to bear in mind that in no way is God more glorified, and the souls of others benefited than by the patient endurance of His people in trial. 

Perhaps you may be ready to repine at a period of apparent uselessness being allotted to you.

Were you able actively to labor in the vineyard, you may imagine that you might do far more good than it is possible for you to do now.

You may say to yourself, "The cup of suffering which Christ drank brought great blessings to the world...but what good to any one can come about through my affliction?"

Now it is certain that we can judge very little indeed about a matter like this. God's ways are not our ways.

By the most likely means, a very small amount of good may be effected...while by means we have never thought of, He may bring great glory to Himself and good to man.

An aged clergyman was accustomed for many years to visit a long confirmed invalid, who patiently bore up under great suffering. "I wonder why God keeps me here," she would say... 

I can do no good to anyone. Yes, God has a work for you to do.
Impossible! I never see any one.

Yes, God uses the weakest instrument, and you may be able to teach me.

Well, then, she replied, "I am willing to suffer as long as God pleases."

And so it happened as her pastor had said.

During the long illness which preceded his death, he remarked that he knew not how he could have borne the pain, had it not been for the remembrance of the meekness and submission which that Christian woman had displayed.

A similar example might be found in the account that has been given of the farewell counsels of an eminent French pastor. 

During his last illness he assembled a few Christian people in his chamber from Sunday to Sunday, and, in the midst of extreme weakness and suffering, gave them the fruits of his own ripened experience.

Perhaps never during his whole ministry did his words make so deep an impression, and "The Farewells of Adolphe Monod" have likewise brought a message of consolation to many a one in our own land.

Besides, however, the way in which God often employs the weakness and suffering of His servants to effect a work for His is to be remembered also that He often uses it as a preparation, that when the season of affliction has passed, His servant may be able the better to teach and comfort others.

Lessons practically learned for the first time in the day of sorrow may be intended for the benefit not only of the sufferer himself, but also for very many besides in future years.

It is not too much to say that the ministry which has often been most richly blessed, has received its tone and character from trials which seemed at the time almost unbearable.

Hence, reader, in every trying hour strive in the strength of Jesus, in the might of His Spirit; meekly to bow beneath your Father's hand, yes, even to kiss the hand that presents the bitter cup

~George Everard~

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