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Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Work Of The Lamb

It is eternal redemption (Heb. 9:12). That is the name of it. It is the timeless Cross because the purpose is eternal. 

We are brought, then, right into the presence of the timeless Cross and the eternal purpose.

This introductory designation, the Lamb, is tremendously impressive when you see that already, before anything has happened, Christ is called the Lamb. 

Christ is the Lamb; and His being called the Lamb before all that terrible tragedy and havoc had taken place, itself indicates the full nature of the work to be done. 

The LAMB — the title is an implication. It implies just what will have to be done. 

We are in the presence of a tremendous thing, if only it would break upon us. 

There is that vast purpose of God which, in its realization, is to obtain throughout all the ages of ages to come and to give character to His universe. 

Then there is this terrible, terrible sin, which is so utterly contrary, the disruption of everything through these present ages:

And then you say that it is a Lamb that is going to put all that right — what do you mean?

Why, you want something more than a Lamb for that! You must have a very limited grasp of the situation if you say a lamb can put it all right!

But that is just what the Bible does say, with a significance beyond our comprehension. 

Because, you see, as we have said just now, it indicates the nature of the work to be done, which is entire and utter reversing of the nature and constitution of things as they are now.

Will anybody look at the world today and man’s ideas of running it, and say that it is just like a lamb?

You see how absurd that sounds, how ridiculous. Anything and everything but the Lamb is in the present constitution of things. 

Everything that is a complete antithesis of the Lamb pervades this order of things, in its very constitution. 

You see the point. The whole constitution has got to be changed. 

Another constitution needs to be given to this universe and it must be the constitution of the Lamb.

Yes, this universe has got to be reconstituted upon the basis of the Lamb-nature, and the wonderful thing is that all these tremendous forces-these simply terrific forces, in this universe, of iniquity, evil, wickedness, sin, hatred and malice-all these forces are gathered up, and the Bible tells how a Lamb can deal with the whole thing.

There is something here which is a mystery.

~T. Austin Sparks~

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