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Sunday, September 14, 2014

How Crowns Are Lost-The Danger Of Compromise

But now, how are crowns lost?  

Well, of course, in many ways, and one can only draw upon the experience of temptation and what has been not only felt, but seen in one's own experience and in the lives of others as to how crowns are lost as well as how crowns are won.

I think one of the ways in which crowns are more frequently lost perhaps than any other is by compromise, keeping strictly, of course, to the spirit of the word.

I am thinking of this great master of crowns, Paul, and if there was one thing about Paul more than another thing, it was this, that he was a man of no compromise.

Compromise, you know, has many forms and many shades and it can be found under many very good names.

For instance, what a lot of compromise is hidden behind that phrase "broadmindedness". 

Broadmindedness is one of those great big trees spreading in all directions and great dimensions, and any bird of heaven can find a home in that tree, Compromise.

It means calling things by other names than their true names.

You know how, in the world, they cover up evil by wonderful phrases. 

The whole terrible iniquity of gambling in horse-racing, for instance, is covered up by the great and noble business of preserving a noble breed of horse, and that is the way in which all this iniquity ruined lives by the millions, devastated homes, hungry children - passes as something noble. 

We have got to be careful that we call things by their right name, and especially the younger people have got to be careful. 

You get out in the world and you know what the world thinks about Christians and Christianity, and then the temptation at once is in some way to be broad, not to be too particular, too singular and different from everybody else - be broad-minded!

That broad-mindedness is the curse of compromise which has robbed many a young Christian of his or her crown for all eternity.

We are not going, of course, to go to a wrong extreme, you understand that, in the other direction, but let us be careful.

Compromise has many forms, but the essence of it where Christians are concerned is an ashamedness of Jesus.

Oh, let us call it by its right name - ashamed of Jesus! That is the right name for it. Call it anything else and it comes down to that. 

"Whosoever shall be ashamed of me and of my words, of him shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he cometh in his own glory, and the glory of the Father, and of the holy angels" (Luke 9:26): 

Crown gone, Jesus ashamed of us. Why? We were ashamed of Jesus, but we would not call it that. 

We would call it by some name of compromise, broad-mindedness, being all things to all men - the wrong application of a right principle.

Oh yes, crowns are lost like that, but I do urge upon you, especially my younger friends, this word - "that no one take thy crown", have no compromise, no letting go for anything whatever; no advantage that you can gain by any form or degree of compromise can ever bring you that which will deliver you from terrible shame and remorse in the day of Jesus Christ. 

Well, compromise is one thing and I say it works out in so many ways and it has so many connections with it.

~T. Austin Sparks~

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