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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Christ's Intolerance Is Based On His Love

The intolerance of Jesus is very signally the intolerance of love. 

Love beareth all things - all things except one, and that is the harm or hurt of the beloved. 

Here is a little child out in the streets, ragged and shoeless in the raw March weather.

Let it stay out till midnight, no one complains at home.

Let it use the foulest of language, no one corrects it.

Poor little waif, in whom all things are tolerated, and tolerated just because no one loves it!

What kind of mother has that little child? What kind of father has that little child?

You know them in the street, swollen and coarse, reeking with all the vileness of the city.

They tolerate everything because they do not love; when love steps in, that toleration ceases. 

Now we all know that when our Saviour came, He came at the bidding and in the power of love; love wonderful, love that endured the worst, love that went up to Calvary to die.

And just because that love was so intense, and burned with the ardor of the heart of God, things that had been tolerable once were found to be intolerable now.

That is the secret of the Gospel's sternness and of its passionate protest against sin. 

That is why age after age it clears the issues, and says, "He that is not with me is against me."

The love that beareth all things cannot bear that hurt or harm should rest on the beloved. 

Christ is intolerant because He loves.

~George H. Morrison~

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