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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Seven Fears Through Which The Devil Would Lke To Attack Your Dominion In Christ Jesus

The devil would like to attack your dominion in Christ through fear in these seven areas:

1. Fear of change:

A person who refuses change grows old quickly. We say he is "set in his ways," but this literally means he refuses to change.

Fear of changing jobs, fear of moving to a new location, or fear of making new friends often destroys the power of dominion.

Many people could be victorious if they were not fearful of change.

2. Fear of people.

It is the devil's trick to make us afraid of people. Nehemiah's enemies tried to make him afraid. Nehemiah responded to their hired prophet,

Should such a man as I  flee or run and hide?

Neh 6:11  And I said, Should such a man as I flee? and who is there, that, being as I am, would go into the temple to save his life? I will not go in.  .
Nehemiah knew dominion and had no fear. Sometimes people fear their boss because he is overbearing or demanding.

Other people are afraid to witness to their neighbors about their relationship with Jesus.

God told His prophet Jeremiah, "Be not afraid of their faces: for I am with thee" (Jeremiah 1:8). We must never fear people.

3. Fear of the unknown.

A person can never have dominion if he fears the unknown. God commands the unknown, and His positive power is stronger than any negative force.

Rest in the fact that God has His hand on tomorrow, and you need not be afraid of the unknown.

In Numbers, chapter thirteen, twelve select leaders of Israel were sent into Palestine to spy out the Land of Promise.

Ten of them returned with what the Bible calls an "evil report." They said, in effect, "The land is good, and the country is beautiful. It is rich and desirable, but giants live there."

They told Moses, "We are like grasshoppers before them." (See Numbers 13:32-33.) The nation of Israel accepted the spy's evil report.

They had forgotten how God brought them out of Egypt not through their strength but in His power.

They had forgotten the miracles that took place in the desert.

Now they refused the dominion that belonged to them, and they turned back into the Sinai desert.

For forty years they wandered around in a waterless land until they all died.

Not one of the adults who accepted that report of fear entered the Promised Land.

God had said, "The land is yours. "The devil had said, "You are too small, too weak, and too insignificant.

The Israelites obeyed the wrong source of information, and their fear of the unknown kept them from receiving God's promises.

4. Fear of responsibilities.

No person can enjoy dominion if he fears to take on greater responsibilities.

If you are willing to stay at the bottom because you cannot accept responsibility, you will never know the joys of dominion.

5. Fear of failure.

Nothing destroys the power of dominion like the stalking fear of failure.The devil fosters this kind of fear, but the Spirit of Jesus does not know failure. When we are linked with Him, it is impossible to fail.

Fear of failure comes from the devil and must be destroyed before you can enjoy the rewards of dominion.

6. Fear of added work.

You would be amazed at the millions of people who are fearful of what added work would do to them.

They do not realize that while they are worrying about it, they could be accomplishing something worth while.

Additional work brings spiritual and material growth.
The devil's fears are always exaggerated and erroneous, so never be afraid of taking on added jobs.

7. Fear of physical or mental breakdown.

Many men and women are tormented by the fear of having a breakdown. They fear the disintegration of their strength and moral courage.

Job said that what he greatly feared came upon him. (See Job 3:25.) We must rebuke all such fear and be part of that select group who have dominion.

For God hath not given us the spirit of  fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind
(2 Timothy 1:7).

Rebuke the devil, and he will flee from you. Rebuke fear, and it will flee from you. Once fear is deflected in your life, you can become the person of power God wants you to be.

~Dr. Lester Sumrall~

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