Isa 43:10 Ye are my witnesses, saith the LORD, and my servant whom I have chosen: that ye may know and believe me, and understand that I am he: before me there was no God formed, neither shall there be after me

The Cry For Help!

A HEN lived with her brood of newly hatched chicks in a quiet meadow by the side of the farm house, and as evening came on the farmer's wife shut them up in the coop which was their home, that they might be safe from all enemies.

Presently, as she sat quietly in the house the farmer's wife heard the faintest little cry, again and again repeated Cheep ! cheep!! just as though one of the little chicks was in trouble.

She ran out at once to the meadow. It was now quite dark and a flash lamp was the only light she had, and with this she searched diligently but unsuccessfully.

Still she could hear the cry, its tone so evidently one of alarm, as though a little chick were calling out "Help, help, I'm lost" but in the darkness it was difficult to tell exactly where the cry came from.

After much searching she went indoors and fetched her husband to help her, and together they continued the search, hearing still the faint cry for help, until with a glad shout one of them at last tracked it down— and there they found the chick at the bottom of quite a deep, narrow hole down which he had evidently fallen. 

They pulled him out and found that he was not hurt, and took him to join the rest of the family under his mother's wings. Oh, what a different cry he now gave ! No longer one of despair, but the glad chirrup of a heart that was safe and satisfied : a new song indeed was in his mouth.

And he was not the only one that was happy. The mother hen clucked with a real note of satisfaction ; and the look upon the faces of the farmer and his wife as they returned indoors seemed to say that all the trouble to which they had been put was nothing compared with the satisfaction of finding the missing chick.

Of course you have already thought of another story very like this, in which a sheep, instead of a chick, was lost. In both stories we are made to see


There was no doubt that the chick was lost and in need. Try as he would he could never have saved himself out of the pit into which he had fallen. 

He might have said to himself— as I have heard people say sometimes—that it was cowardly to call for a saviour. and too humbling to have to confess that he could not save himself. 

And too humbling to have to confess that he could not save himself. In that case he would have remained silent, trying to plan out a way of escape; and perhaps in the night the cold frosty air or a heavy downpour of rain might have come, more than the little chick could endure, and his end would have been death and all because he had no Saviour in the time of his need. 

But our chick did the very wisest thing possible—he CRIED and it was the cry that brought the saviour for his deliverance.

There is a book in the Old Testament in which we read more than once that when the children of Israel cried unto the Lord, the Lord raised them up a saviour.

And David in one of his psalms tells us that he was in a horrible pit and cried unto the Lord, and the Lord brought him up from it.

I wonder if you who are reading this have ever realized that you also have need of a Saviour to deliver you out of the horrible pit of sin ?

It is true of all of us, not that we have fallen into that pit, but that we were born in it, and we cannot by any means save ourselves out of it.

Only One can save us, and that is the Lord Jesus Christ who, like the farmer, can reach down from above and draw us out by His Own power.

And remember, that it is possible even to know of our need and yet be content to stay in it.

It is "whosoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord " that shall be saved. Have you yet called?


It would have been so easy for the farmer and his wife to say, after hunting for a while, Well, we have done our best—the silly chick should not have lost itself and now it must suffer the consequences. 

After all, it is only one out of a dozen or more and we shall not miss it: Why should we waste our time looking any longer for it? 

A shepherd who spoke like that of a lost sheep would hardly deserve the title of a good shepherd would he? No, the good shepherd seeks until he finds that which was lost.

If the shepherd were of a  different nature, I am afraid there would be many lost sheep never found, even though they cried for salvation.

How great a comfort it is to know that our Lord Jesus considered no cost too great to recover us.

His own comfort counted for nothing; though He was rich, yet for our sakes He became poor.

Though He might have destroyed all sinners in His anger, He chose rather to pour out His own life at the Cross for their sakes. And now He seeks those sinners, to bring them to Himself.

Be sure that you cannot be anywhere that He will not find you provided He can hear your cry to Him. Are you calling upon Him?

How glad, both you and He will be - and many others too - when He truly has you for Himself. 


Now if you had been the farmer of whom I have spoken, what would you have done before letting the chicks out next morning?

I believe you would have done exactly as the farmer did—he filled up the hole, so that no danger should come to the chicks again from that direction.

Ah, the Lord Jesus removes many of our pitfalls when He has found Us.

For all who know Him as their Saviour-the great pit of death and judgment for sin has been for ever closed, and they can never fall into that. 

But there are other holes into which we often tumble—some evil habit, some foolish practice, that does not show forth the glory of the Lord Jesus in our lives.

He can fill up those pits just as He did the greater one. Where sin used to have power over us, to make us stumble and fall, it need no longer have power.

Jesus breaks the power of cancelled sin, He sets the prisoner free. Where we formerly were defeated He gives us victory, where fear used to fill our hearts, He gives us peace and joy; where we used to say "I cannot" we may now say "I can do all things in Christ that strengtheneth me."

Oh, how great a change comes into the life when Jesus takes charge! "Old things are passed away, all things are become new" Hallelujah, what a Saviour!

And "He is able to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by Him."

Now are you inside the pit or outside? And what holes are there in your meadow that need filling up ?



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